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Electronic Systems Technology Certificate

This certificate combines broad-based electronic and telecommunications training with specialty areas such as robotics, fiber optics, programmable interface controllers (PICs), and stamp micro-controllers.

Career Opportunities:

Gainful employment information
This certificate provides students with the knowledge to successfully enter a variety of electronics and telecommunication careers. Working closely with our industry partners and contacts ensures our curriculum is relevant and meets the current and future needs of the Electronics and Telecommunications Industry. American River College is an official test site of the National Association of Radio and Telecommunication Engineers (NARTE) for the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) General Radio Telephone License.

 Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:


Course List: Required Program

First Semester - Basic Certificate:
    ET 115 Fiber Optics and Telecommunication Cabling 4
    ET 302 Principles of Electricity and Electronics 4
    ET 308 Technical Soldering Practices and Techniques 2

Second Semester - Advanced Certificate:
    ET 312 Mathematics for Circuit Analysis 3
    ET 322 Semiconductors and Nanotechnology 4

Following Semesters:
   ET 381 Electronic Communication Regulations 3
   ET 253 Industrial Communication Systems Support 4
   ET 335 Integrated Circuits with Computer Applications 4
   ET 380 Introduction to Electronic Communications 4
   ET 420 Microcontrollers and Digital Signal Processors 4

                                                                          Total Units: 36