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Digital Repair and Upgrade Technician Certificate


This certificate combines basic electronics theory and application with computer repair and support skills. Topics including high-tech soldering along with component and system level electronics are focused on in the electrical area. Computer repair skills and support are covered in the computer area.

Career Opportunities:

This certificate prepares the student for a wide variety of jobs in the computer industry such as network communication cable installer, interface troubleshooter, and fiber optic installer.

Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:


Course List: Required Program

CISC Courses:

CISC 320 Operating Systems 1

CISC 361 Microcomputer Support Essentials - Preparation for A+ Certification 3 Units

CISC 363 Microcomputer Support Technical - Preparation for A+ Certification   3 Units

ET Courses:

ET 253 Industrial Communication Systems Support 4 Units

ET 298 Work Experience in Electronics Technology 1 - 4 Units

ET 308 Technical Soldering Practices and Techniques 2 Units

                                                                        Total Units: 14 - 17