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Digital Home Technology Integrator Certificate


This certificate provides training to configure, integrate, maintain, and troubleshoot electronic and digital home integration systems. Coursework provides the essential skills for residential networking concepts, components, and information on home network installation. This includes techniques to install, trim, terminate, and troubleshoot cabling systems. In addition, it provides the training and skills necessary to integrate audio, security, and environmental controls in a complete system.

Career Opportunities:

This certificate prepares individuals to design, install, and support residential networks and home integration for employment in the home technology industry. It develops the technicians' ability to configure, integrate, maintain, and troubleshoot home theater, music, security, and home networks.

Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:


Course List: Required Program

ET 115   Fiber Optics and Telecommunication Cabling 4 Units

ET 253   Industrial Communication Systems Support  4 Units

ET 302   Principles of Electricity and Electronics         4 Units

ET 385   Digital Home Technology Integration           4 Units

ET 388   Fiber Optics    4 Units

                                                                        Total Units: 20