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Biomedical Equipment Technology Certificate


This certificate covers the theory, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and certification of biomedical equipment used in hospitals, medical device manufacturers, or other service organizations. It includes an in-depth study of frequently used medical equipment.

Career Opportunities:

Gainful employment information
This program prepares electronics technology students for a biomedical technician internship or trainee position.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:


Course List:   Required Program

ET 302 Principles of Electricity and Electronics      4 Units

ET 312 Mathematics for Circuit Analysis        3 Units


ET 322 Semiconductors and Nanotechnology  (4)         4 Units

or ET 335 Integrated Circuits with Computer Applications (4)

or ET 380 Introduction to Electronic Communications (4)

ET 425 Introduction to Biomedical Equipment Technology    4 Units

ET 426 Advanced Biomedical Equipment Technology    4 Units


A minimum of 1 unit from the following: 1 Unit

ET 260 Introduction to Medical Ultrasound Equipment       0.5 Units

ET 261 Introduction to Biomedical Equipment Networking 0.5 Units

ET 262 Introduction to Respiratory Therapy Ventilators     0.5 Units

ET 263 Introduction to Medical X-ray Imaging Equipment    1 Units

                                                                                         Total Units: 20