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Basic Electronics and Telecommunications Certificate


This certificate provides training in basic electronics theory and applications, telecommunication copper and fiber optic systems, and surface mount soldering devices (SMD). It also includes schematic symbol interpretation and basic electronic troubleshooting. This certificate can be completed in one semester, making it an ideal stepping stone to the Advanced Electronics and Telecommunications certificate.

Career Opportunities:

This certificate is designed for anyone wanting to enter the electronics or telecommunications industry. This certificate satisfies the requirements of a variety of entry-level positions such as printed circuit board (PCB) assembler, telecommunication field technician, or rework technician.

Learning Outcomes:  Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:


Course List  Required Program

 Required Program
ET 302 Principles of Electricity and Electronics 4

A minimum of 5 units from the following:
ET 115 Fiber Optics and Telecommunication Cabling (4)
ET 308 Technical Soldering Practices and Techniques (2)
ET 312 Mathematics for Circuit Analysis (3) 
                                                               Total Units: 9