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Otter Adopters

Volunteer Programstanding otter

Be an otter monitor! The Otter Adopters volunteer program is open to anyone who wants to make a larger contribution to the success of the Sacramento Valley Otter Project. Whether you are a boater, student, family, individual, or group we welcome you to join our Otter Adopter network to help us closely monitor your favorite local river otters.

An Otter Adopter is a volunteer who regularly sees river otters or otter sign in the same location and is willing to update the Sacramento Valley Otter Project once a month on their adopted otter group. You don't need to see otters each time, regular checks for scat and tracks are also very helpful. Consistent monitoring at your adopted site greatly improves our ability to detect seasonal variations, assess reproductive success, analyze behavior, and link these things to habitat type and suitability. If you would like to volunteer as an Otter Adopter but don't know where the otters are, we may still be able to match you with a location.

For more information or to adopt some otters email us at: