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Chemistry Student Awards and Achievements



We are currently gathering information on current and former ARC chemistry students who have won awards and scholarships.  If this describes you, or someone you know, please email Prof. Maddox with the details at;


Chemistry Student STEM Scholars

Yevgeniy Arabadzhi (Fall 12)

Jaspreet Kaur (Fall 12)

Nelya Lugovskaya (Fall 12)

Sarah Bluestein (Spring 12)

Santos Pineda (Spring 11, Fall 12)

David Skorobrukh (Fall 11)

Josef Emami (Spring 11)

Angela Galvaz

Jessica Ogunleye (Spring 12)

Charles Hilliard (Spring 11)

Joshua Marker

Mohsen Forghany (Spring 12, Fall 12)

Steven Vasquez (Spring 12)

Farhad Ghadamli (Spring 11, Fall 11)

Haroon Shafique (Fall 11)

Thomas Gomez (Spring 11, Fall 11)

Lara Anwar (Spring 11)

Daniela Goga (Spring 11)