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Biological Sciences

DNA Double Helix

Dept. Chair:

Marlene Martinez


Science and Engineering


Dr. Rina Roy


(916) 484-8107

The Biological Sciences Department at American River College includes Biology, Biotechnology, and Health Education.

Biology explores the science of life and of living organisms. the Biology department prepares students for transfer into programs such as biological sciences, health professions, and biotechnology, and also offers a variety of courses for general education requirements. The department embraces life-long learning and application of biological principles through scientific methods in a collegial, supportive atmosphere.

The Biotechnology program prepares students for entry-level work in the bioscience industry in the areas of research and development, production, clinical testing , and diagnostic work. Students will learn underlying principles of biotechnology as well as current applications in areas such as agriculture, medicine, forensics, and diagnostics.

Health Education/Science
The Health Education program explores the principles, practices, and determinants of personal, community, and global health. The health program embraces life-long learning in a supportive, collegial environment, while providing coursework that fulfills various general education requirements, and prepares students for transfer into community and public health programs.