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Law Enforcement Courses

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Important Note: We no longer accept TBA spots / reservations without names

Please Note:  Payment is due upon registration.  Your payment must be processed within 14 days of registration or you will be dropped.  (*This applies to non-agency sponsored students only).

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Adult Correctional Officer Core

Advanced ID of Organized Criminal Street Gangs & Criminal Gang Activities - 16hrs

Advanced Organized Gang Investigations - 32hrs

Background Investigations

Basic Skills for the District Attorney Non-Sworn Investigator

BSIS Skills Training Course for Security Guards

BSIS Skills Training Course for Security Guards-Elective A

BSIS Skills Training Course for Security Guards-Elective B

Campus Law Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer 

Code Enforcement Officer - Intermediate 

Code Enforcement Officer - Advanced

Continuing Professional Training for California Lottery

Continuing Professional Training for Cal Expo Police Department

Continuing Professional Training for Probation Officer

Continuing Professional Training for the State of CA

Continuing Professional Training for State Fire Marshal (Cal Fire)

Continuing Professional Training for Dept of Health, Food & Drug 

Continuing Professional Training for U.S. Fish & Wildlife

Crime Prevention Basic

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Crime Scene & Forensic Photography of Physical Evidence 

Criminal Investigation Part II (Non-ICI)

Criminal Investigation Part III (Non-ICI)

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Defensive Tactics Instructor-Advanced

Defensive Tactics Instructor

Defensive Tactics Instructor-Update

Drug & Alcohol Recognition

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Field Training Officer 

Field Training Officer - Update 

Field Training Program Supervisor, Administrator, Coordinator Course

Fingerprint Identification - Basic 

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Firearms Instructor

Firearms Instructor Update 

Firearms/Rifle Instructor - Update 

Force & Weaponry - Basic

Impact Weapons Instructor 

Impact Weapons Instructor - Update 

Informant Development and Maintenance 

Internal Affairs Investigation 

Interview and Interrogation Techniques 

Introduction to Loss Prevention

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Juvenile Corrections Officer Core

Latent Print Comparison and Identification-Advanced

Limited Peace Officer Criminal Investigations I, II, III-COMING SOON

PC 832 Arrest, Search & Seizure

PC 832 Firearms Familiarization

Perishable Skills & Legislative Mandates 

POST Supervisor

Probation Officer Core 

Property and Evidence Room Management

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Regulatory Investigative Techniques

School Resource Officer 

Supervisory Core (STC)

Traffic Collision Investigation - Basic 

Traffic Collision Investigation - Intermediate 

*See above

Weaponless Defense Instructor-Advanced (Changed to Defensive Tactics Instructor-Advanced)

Weaponless Defense Instructor (Changed to Defensive Tactics Instructor)

Weaponless Defense Instructor-Update (Changed to Defensive Tactics Instructor-Update)

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For courses not offered through our center, please contact the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST):

Commission on POST

1601 Alhambra Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95816-7083
Phone: 916.227.3909
Fax: 916.227.3895