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STEM Honors

STEM HonorsThe STEM Honors Program is a partnership between the STEM Center and Honors Program through which dedicated STEM students are eligible to earn Honors Credit for advanced STEM Coursework.

As part of the program, students partner with their instructors to identify ways to extend and enhance the content of their advanced courses, and perform independent research in their field.  After completing an Honors Contract, students will receive credit towards the campus's 15-unit Honors Certificate.  

About Honors Contracts  

An Honors Contract is an alternative way for students to earn credit towards the completion of the Honors Certificate which allows students to engage in a project which extends or enhances the content of a course.  Unlike the traditional seminar format courses, Honors Contracts can be used to get honors credit for any approved course.  

To earn honors credit using an Honors Contract, the student and the instructor in consultation with the Honors Program Coordinator will submit a proposal outlining the expectations of the honors level work that the student will complete in conjunction with the course.  Once agreed upon by the student, the instructor, and the Honors Program Coordinator, the student will fulfill the obligations stated within the contract.  Upon satisfactory completion of the activities, the instructor will notify the Honors Program Coordinator that the contract has been completed and the student will be awarded honors credit for the course.  

The contract is completely voluntary on the part of the instructor, but necessary for many students who are attempting to complete an Honors Certificate or participate in the UCLA Honors Transfer Alliance Program (TAP), a partnership with UCLA which has shown increased transfer acceptance rates for successful Honors students.  While the Honors Program seeks to support all students through honors designated seminar format classes, the Honors Contract allows for the program to better serve students in more diverse disciplines (such as STEM) and better support students who have restrictive schedules which may prevent them from attending the seminar format classes.  

For additional information on Honors Contracts, please contact the Honors Program Coordinator.