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Prospective Students

Matthew, Will, & Manuel To become a member of the MESA Program, you complete an application and then have a brief interview meeting:

  1. Complete the online Application at the following link: ARC STEM Center / MESA APPLICATION
  2. Contact the MESA center to schedule your interview appointment.  You will meet briefly with one of the Center Coordinators, and take a short tour of the center with one of the student staff members.  You will  introduce yourself to MESA Director Will Davis who will provide you with access to online resources which includes information on scholarships, internships and summer research programs for MESA students.

Note that you are not an official member or an associate until you have completed all these steps.

Why do you have to do all this? Why can't you just use the center?  Because all the funding that provides the computers, the tutors and all the other MESA resources depends on having accurate records for all participating students.  Just a few minutes of your time provides all the services for you and everyone else.