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MESA Activities & Events

Happy Valley 2014Field Trips

Every semester MESA goes on multiple field trips to universities and other science/engineering locations.

Happy Valley Leadership Retreat

Each Spring, MESA selects 10-12 active members to attend this weekend retreat in Santa Cruz, which focuses on developing the skills needed to be a leader on campus and in your profession.

Progress Reports

In the middle of the semester, MESA has students fill out grade reports with their instructors. Students are then rewarded for this with a gift card to Starbucks or Jamba Juice.

Spring Reception

At the end of Spring Semester, the three Los Rios MESA programs hold an event to celebrate the transfer students and scholarship recipients. All are welcome to attend, and free food is provided.

MESA Visitors

In addition to having faculty visit the center, they also have a number of visitors each semester, including through the Work Experience and Internship Program and UC Davis Representatives.

Mathematics/Chemistry Boot Camps

Prior to the beginning of each term, MESA holds a workshop series for math and chemistry students to prepare them for the coming term.

Professional Development Program

The MESA Professional Development Program pairs motivated students with Los Rios faculty mentors to advance the student's career and academic goals. Applications are due during the Fall semester and the program occurs in Spring. A stipend is included for the selected recipients.

More detailed information about these activities and other opportunities can be found in the MESA center and on Canvas. Check in regularly to stay up-to-date!