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Growth & Enrichment Opportunity Program

GEOThe ARC GEO Program provides support to help you succeed academically and professionally. Identify either an opportunity for growth and enrichment or an obstacle preventing you from achieving your academic and professional goals this semester. In your written application, propose a project that will allow you to take advantage of an opportunity or to overcome an obstacle. Very importantly, also relate how you will share your new knowledge, skill or experience with your STEM Center colleagues. The application is due Monday, September 24th. There will be a GEO Program Conference held on Friday, November 30th, where GEO participants will present and share what they learned and achieved with the STEM Center community.

Who benefits?

Everyone! You benefit by being able to take advantage of an opportunity or overcome an obstacle. This is your chance to take the lead and become your own project manager. By independently carrying out your own project, you will demonstrate professional integrity and responsibility. The STEM Center community benefits because you share your project in a way that lets them learn from your experience and/or to complete a similar project.

What can be done?

Many different kinds of opportunities or obstacles may be appropriate. Proposed items may be very personal, or more related to your student role. Choose ONE opportunity or obstacle for your proposal. Here are a few examples of potential projects:

Who is eligible to participate?

All STEM Center members are eligible. You must have submitted a complete STEM Center application or re-enrollment and all appropriate documentation, including current Student Education Plan (no older than Spring 2018). A complete application must be submitted, including a brief budget by the deadline. STEM Center students who are invited to participate must complete and sign all program initiating documentation, including the ARC STEM Center GEO Program Student Participation Contract. They must also agree to participate in the GEO Program Conference held on Friday, November 30th.

Is there financial support?

Yes, you will receive two stipends - one initially and one at completion. The total amount depends on the expenses associated with your opportunity or obstacle, and an additional small compensation for the time and effort required to share your proposal. Based on your submitted budget, you may receive up to $300 to defray costs and $100 to compensate you for the time you invest in sharing your project with your STEM colleagues.

How do you apply?

Applications are due no later than Monday, September 24th.

For more information and to apply for the GEO Program:

Application Form: ARC GEO Program Application 2018

More Information: ARC GEO Program More Information 2018