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Why journalism--and where can I go with it?

Journalism is a course of study that can help prepare a student for exciting work in a broad range of fields. These include public relations, corporate communication, and law. It is also a good way to begin a career in the news media. Here are some of the career fields in which journalism and mass communication graduates are typically found.

What Is Journalism?

It is a chance to be creative and to be involved with events of the world. Journalism is the practice of reporting the news of the day. You could be working for printed media such as newspapers, broadcast outlets such as television, or for an interactive page on the World Wide Web.

Journalism includes interviewing and research, writing and designing, and making decisions. Journalists are curious, think fast, and write well. A bachelor's degree is almost always required. Modern journalists have a solid liberal arts education and an increasing proportion have been educated in specialties which range from environmental sciences to law.

Journalism is just one example of mass communication. Studies in this field may include theories of communication--how things work. You may also find exciting opportunities in a wide range of fields which involve the mass media, such as public relations, advertising, graphic art and photography.

The American River College Journalism Program

American River College provides a strong introduction to both general studies and a journalism or mass communication major. You can begin with a course in news writing and reporting, and an introduction to the mass media. Both these courses are accepted by the California State University campuses which offer a bachelor's degree in journalism.

The campus newspaper, the ARC Current, offers valuable experience in writing, editing, photography, design and desktop publishing. Your portfolio can help you earn scholarships and internships--powerful assets to starting a career.

ARC also offers an associate in arts degree in journalism. This program is designed to prepare students for entry-level work in community journalism and for successful transfer to a university.

A few words about university transfer

The Journalism Department at American River College can give you a strong start in a field that includes quite a few specialities. At ARC, you'll have a chance to discover your interests and your strengths. You'll be able to focus on your career goals when you transfer to a university. Your ARC journalism adviser can help you get the information to make the best decision for you. And because fees are relatively low, you can save money which can help you pursue your career goals.


Major scholarships and/or paid internships are available to students who plan to transfer from community colleges to universities. Experience with the campus newspaper can help you develop the skills and portfolio which can lead to scholarships and internships even before you transfer to a university as a junior.