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Foster Care Classes

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Foster Care Education Classes

When you are:

FKCE Stands for Care
Community College Foster & Kinship Care Education is supporting foster and kinship caregivers efforts more and more. We know that caregivers like you understand that parenting another's child is more than just warm and tender affection. Whether you are taking on the responsibility of caring for a relative's child or a child from within the foster care system, we understand that there is much you need to know.

We can give you the extra support you want by offering specialized educational classes.
We will connect you with services and individuals that will offer information and resources that will help you make a greater difference.

On-Going Foster Care Education
California State Law Requires licensed foster parents to complete 12 hours of annual foster care education. Given that children are coming into the court system with greater histories of abuse and neglect than ever before, it has become more important than ever to develop excellent parenting skills, knowledge of the court system, and strong and on-going support systems.
The community college Foster & Kinship Care Education Program annually offers classes on a variety of topics, including:

There are no fees. California is supporting your efforts to increase your care- giving skills and knowledge. Classes are held in a variety of locations throughout Sacramento.

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