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What Students Are Saying About These Modules


"Spanish 131 has been instrumental in my success in Spanish studies. The time spent, personal instruction and repitition of activities aided me in getting 100% on my last exam. Thank you to all involved for making this class available. I would highly recommend this class to anyone studying Spanish at any level." 


Pamela Nevin


"Even though I'm a Spanish native speaker, I don't know everything regarding Spanish. Spanish 131 was of help keeping me ahead in Spanish 401 with the grammar structure I didn't know. I strongly recommend Spanish 131 for anyone who wants to advance in any of the Spanish classes."

 Albert Gacia

"Me llamo Tina. I have taken three semesters of Spanish during my time here at ARC and I received an Associates degree in Language Studies. I took this Spanish lab during/in addition to each Spanish class I took here at ARC and it was a tremendous help. The extra assignments on Supersite were very helpful and the use of Rosetta Stone helped me to learn some additional vocabulary. The conversation groups really tied it all together to help me feel more confortable speaking the language that I was learning. The professors were all very helpful as well!"


Tina Shedd

"The Language lab, located in the Learning Resource Center at ARC, is an amazing gift to students! The computers are loaded with the latest software for language learning and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Students are able to design their own study program to fit their needs by selecting a mix of online programs, group conversations, writing sessions and videos. Any language student who is not taking advantage of this service is passing up a great opportunity for improving their classroom performance and for pushing their language skills to the next level"

Gregory Slocum

Spanish student