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Davies Hall - American River College Campus

Foreign Language Department

Spring 2019 Class Schedules






Dept. Chair:

Corinne Arrieta and Inés García




Diana Hicks


(916) 484-8653

American River College currently offers courses in French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish designed to help students develop a command of a variety of languages necessary to pursue career, transfer and degree goals. See the class schedules links on the right for the latest offerings.

Language Studies Degree

The Language Studies degree provides an area of emphasis in communication skills in both English and foreign languages. It is intended for students wishing to develop communication skills for the work place. Students who work closely with their counselors can use this area of emphasis to prepare for majoring at a four-year college in foreign languages as well as any other majors which require proficiency in one or more foreign languages.

Spanish A.A. for Transfer (AA-T) Degree

This degree provides students with a major that fulfills the general requirements of the California State University for transfer. Students with this degree will receive priority admission with junior status to the California State University system. The Associate in Arts degree in Spanish for Transfer (AA-T) may be obtained by the completion of 60 transferable, semester units with a minimum 2.0 GPA, including (a) the major or area of emphasis described in the Required Program outlined below (earning a C or better in these courses) and (b) either the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) or the California State University General Education Breadth Requirements. 

Wage Data

The California Salary Surfer program uses the aggregated earnings of graduates from a five-year period to provide an estimate on the potential wages to be earned two years and five years after receiving a certificate or degree in certain disciplines.

Program Type of Award Median Salary:
Two years before
Median Salary:
Two years after
Median Salary:
Five years after
Spanish Degree $17,032 $29,154 $33,845