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ECE Coursework "Mapped" to CA ECE Competencies

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ECE Competencies Mapping tool LogoThrough this mapping process, it is now easy to identify where and to what extent the ECE coursework at ARC aligns with the state's ECE Competencies. Early Childhood Education coursework at American River College, including all of the certificates and degrees, have now been ‘mapped' to reflect the CA early Childhood Educator Competencies. (See link to the Competencies below)

The California Early Childhood Educator Competencies describe the knowledge, skills and dispositions that professionals in the field need in order to provide high quality care and education to young children and their families. These Competencies are research-based and are aligned with the California Preschool Learning Foundations and the California Infant/Toddler Learning and Development Foundations.

Research has demonstrated the need for well-trained professionals to provide high-quality care and education for young children. One way

that students and educators can confirm competency in specific areas is by showing what competencies they have covered in individual and/or groupings of courses.

With the ARC coursework recently mapped, students, faculty, employers and community members can now identify what specific competencies an individual has covered. To see what specific Competencies are covered, click on any of the courses, certificates, or degrees listed below. This will take you to a document with the following information:

PLEASE NOTE: To complete the ‘mapping' of the ECE Coursework at ARC, and as suggested by the ECE Mapping Tool for the Competencies, only the main 3 Competency Areas were selected for each course. So, although some courses do indeed cover more than what is demonstrated by these summary charts, it is usually not significant enough to show up as a percentage.

To view which specific courses are required for certificates and degrees, please refer to the ARC Catalog ( and look at the requirements for these. NOTE: in some cases, students have a variety of choices to ‘select' from, rather than always specifically required courses (Ex: The AA degree in ECE has ‘core', required units, then a variety of options to choose from for an additional 3 units). These ‘selected elective units' are not included in the mapping. However, individuals can refer to the map for the certificate/degree, then look at a specific course for this additional information.

To review the CA Early Educator Competencies, go to: