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Getting Started for New ESL Students

Steps to Begin Studying ESL at ARC          person walking up stairs

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What to do: What that means:
Numeric Button Image Get information at the Counseling Center

The Counseling Center helps you decide which classes to take, what you want to do in college, where to get more help with college, how to afford college classes, and much more.

Numeric Button Image Apply to be an ARC Student

You need to apply to be a college student.  You can apply online using the internet.  After you finish, you will receive your Student ID number in an email.

Numeric Button Image Complete the New Student Orientation (online)

You need to complete the online orientation for New Students.  You can watch videos or read about information to help you start as a student at ARC.  You will need your student ID number (w#######) and your password.  This is important to complete if you want to get priority registration.

Numeric Button Image Go through ESL Assessment Process

You need to take a 'test' to help decide which ESL classes are the best for you to start with.  You should try to do your best on the assessment test.  For part of the test you will answer questions on a computer, and for part of the test you will write an answer.  For example questions, see here.

Numeric Button Image Optional: Apply for Financial Aid

Many students get financial help with the cost of their college classes.  Financial aid can help lower the cost.

Numeric Button Image Optional: Apply for EOP&S
(Extended Opportunity Programs and Services)
EOP&S can also help with lowering the costs of college classes and books.
Numeric Button Image Find classes in the ESL Schedule

After you apply and take the assessment test, you can choose the right ESL classes for you!

Numeric Button Image Register for Classes

After you know which classes to take, you can sign-up online to take the classes.  You will have to pay for the classes when you register (or Financial Aid will pay if you get financial aid).

The First Day of Class

Now you are registered for ESL classes!  Are you a little nervous about the first day of class? What should you bring? Where do you go? What should you expect to do? Relax! Read information and advice from our ESL faculty.