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Dave's ESL Cafe
This is one of the best-known ESL websites. You can practice your English with the many activities provided here. Choose from "Stuff for Students" in the menu bar.

ESL Independent Study Lab
Well-organized site with lots of practice. Links are identified with one of 4 levels: beginner to advanced.

The Tower of English
This site has a great variety of resources and practice.

The ESL Study Hall
Another big site featuring lots of ways to improve your English

Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students
You can take these quizzes, andthey won't count towards your grade!

The English Club
This is an easy-to-use site with lots and lots of information and English practice.

Vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening exercises and more

ESL Partyland
Over 75 interactive quizzes, topic-based English practice and lots of web links.