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ESL Program Overview

ESL Levels





Other Courses

Advanced   ESL 350
Advanced ESLR 340 ESLW 340
Advanced Integrated Skills (Reading + Writing = 6 units) ESL 325 (*Spring 2019)
Advanced ESLL 320 ESLR 320 ESLW 320 ESLG 320
Intermediate High Integrated Skills (Reading _ Writing = 6 units) ESL 315 (*Spring 2019)
Intermediate High ESLL 310 ESLR 310 ESLW 310 ESLG 310 ESL 94
Intermediate Mid Integrated Skills (Reading + Writing = 6 units) ESL 55 (starting Fall 2018)
Intermediate Mid ESLL 50 ESLR 50 ESLW 50 ESLG 50 ESL 54
Intermediate Low ESLL 40 ESLR 40 ESLW 40 ESL 44
Novice High ESLL 30 ESLR 30 ESLW 30 ESL 34
Novice ESLL 20 ESLR 20 ESLW 20


** Levels 310, 320, 340 and 350 are transferable classes.  They can be transferred and used as credits at a California State University (CSU) and/or University of California (UC).  Check the ARC College Catalog for each class.


ESL Center  You can enroll for .5 unit or more at the ESL Center.  You will be able to attend at any time that the center is open (Monday - Thursday, 8:00am - 7:10pm, Friday 8:00am - 1:15pm).  It's perfect for students who want some extra practice, or for students who can't find a class that fits their schedule.  Click here for the ESL Center website


If you are taking (or passed)

R30, W30 or L30

you can take ESL 34 at the ESL Center

R40, W40 or L40

you can take ESL 44 at the ESL Center

R50, W50, L50 or G50

you can take ESL 54 at the ESL Center

R310, 320 or 340, W310, W320

W340, G310, G320, L310, or L320

you an take ESL 94 at the ESL Center