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ESL Program

Davies Hall

American River College offers courses in English as a Second Language.  They are designed to provide students with the English language necessary to pursue both transfer and career goals.

The ESL department offers over 75 sections of ESL courses each semester ranging from novice to advanced levels from 8 AM to 9:20 PM.

Courses focus on different skill areas including: writing, reading, listening & speaking, and grammar. Some of our courses are taught as hybrid classes (half in the classroom and half online).  In our ESL Center, students can work individually at their own pace on the areas of English that they need most.

We also offer three certificates of proficiency for our students: Advanced-High, Advanced, and Intermediate.

→  ESL Program Overview  

ESL department chart

(Click here for a map of the ESL courses in our program)

The overview gives you a map of the ESL courses. People start the program at different levels depending on how much English they have studied before and where they are placed through the assessment process. (See the NEW ESL STUDENTS section for more on assessment.)

The chart shows the progression of levels in each skill area: Reading, Writing, Listening-Speaking, Grammar, and the ESL Center Lab.

→  ESL Class Schedules
Picture of a person taking a path

Check our schedules to see when the courses you would like to take are being offered.

  ESL classes are listed under 5 different categories in the schedule:

You will need to look under each of these categories in the schedule to see all of the ESL Classes offered. Our classes fill quickly, so be prepared with a second or third choice if your first choice is not available.


click on the links below for ESL classes:

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ARC Fall 2017 Schedule Main campus

map to Natomas Center

Natomas Campus Schedule


Some classes are offered at our other campuses (Natomas), or are offered as hybrids (they only meet face-to-face in a classroom once a week and the rest of the class is online).  Be careful when you choose your classes!


If you have suggestions for courses or schedules that you would like to see us offer, please let us know. Our department does everything that it can to meet our students' needs. Email us at: