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Assessment Testing TEAS Information


TEAS Testing Offered at American River College

ATI TEAS testing dates are offered periodically at American River College prior to the application cycle. For further information about dates and signing up to take the TEAS test, see "How Do I Sign Up to Take the TEAS" below. 

Assessment Testing Required for Nursing Program

Prior to admission, all students must pass a diagnostic readiness/assessment test (basic math, English, reading, language usage, and science) in addition to meeting the prerequisites and eligibility requirements. ARC utilizes the Test of Essential Academic Skills developed by Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI).

The passing standard and parameters for implementation of assessment testing have been developed by the California Community College Chancellor's office. The assessment test has been demonstrated to have positive correlation with success in nursing programs.

Assessment Testing TEAS is scheduled through Assessment Technologies Incorporated (ATI).  Proctored assessment testing will occur in the Health and Education Division (HEED) at American River College, however, registration details will be handled directly by ATI at Refer to the documents below for further information about the ATI TEAS test.

What is the significance of the TEAS scores?

TEAS test scores are a component of the multi-criterion selection process. See the ARC ADN Program Enrollment Prescreening Criteria for critical information related to passing scores, scores that will be counted, and submission of scores.

How do I sign up to take the TEAS?

To register for TEAS testing, go to the ATI website at Proctored assessment testing will be offered at American River College in the Health and Education (HEED) computer lab 713.

DSPS ATI TEAS date for Spring 2019: CHECK BACK SOON!

The ATI website has important testing preparation instructions. For assistance with registration, please read our tutorial, ATI TEAS Online Registration Process. Be sure to contact ATI if you encounter any problems in the registration process.

ATI TEAS Test Information Sheet (Revised 10-31-16)

ATI TEAS Test Information Sheet - DSPS Testing (Revised 10-31-16)

How can I prepare for the TEAS test? What if I fail and need to remediate? How can I improve my score?

Suggestions for ATI TEAS Preparation and/or Remediation Plan (Revised 12/2016)

TEAS Guidelines & Remediation/Retest Approval Request

TEAS Test Flow Chart - not sure about remediation? Click Here!

Clarification of What to Submit for TEAS Scores

Nursing applicants must submit a hard copy of the TEAS test score with their initial program application (print from ATI website). Once accepted, students will be required to transfer their scores electronically.

TEAS Test Review Guide (offered by