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Registered Nursing (RN) Program


If you have questions about prerequisites for the Associate Science Degree in Nursing program, be sure to go to the nursing home page and check out "Degrees" and "Courses". The following information and prerequisites can also be found on our General Information Sheet.


Goal of the Nursing Program

The goal of the American River College Associate Degree Nursing Program is to prepare a graduate who is eligible for licensure to practice as a registered nurse. In addition, graduates are prepared to utilize the nursing process effectively with patients of all ages and within a variety of healthcare settings. The graduate will have a solid foundation in providing competent nursing care at the entry level of registered nursing practice.


General Information

The Nursing program consists of a combination of general education and nursing courses with related laboratory experience in local health agencies. Successful completion of the program qualifies the student to take the National Licensing Examination to become registered as a nurse and eligible for employment. A grade of "C" or better is required in each nursing course for progression in the program and for an Associate Degree in Nursing. The nursing curriculum is a two-year program offered in four sequential semesters. There are two application periods per year and students are accepted for the spring and fall semesters. There are morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend clinical experiences required which may change with limited notice.


The nursing program at American River College is impacted; there are more students who apply than can be accepted into the program. All applicants with 70 points or more are put into the selection pool (see Prescreening Criteria Form for details). If an applicant is not chosen, the student may reapply the next semester.


Startup program costs are approximately $2,800. The student is responsible for providing uniforms, laboratory fees, malpractice insurance, necessary equipment, and transportation to off-campus laboratory locations. Nursing program students should expect fees of approximately $475.00 to take the R.N. licensure exam. All costs/fees are subject to change.

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NOTE: The California Board of Registered Nursing protects the public by screening applicants for licensure in order to identify potentially unsafe practitioners. The law provides for denial of licensure for crimes or acts which are substantially related to nursing qualifications, functions, or duties. At time of licensure application, all convictions must be reported except for minor traffic violations. (Business and Professions Code 480 and Nurse Practice Act Article 3 Section 2761)


Pass/Fail Rates for the Registered Nurse Licensing Exam can be found on the website of the Board of Registered Nursing. Note: This information is for first-time test takers only, and any student failing the exam on the first attempt, but passing on the second attempt, is not included in the passing percentage provided on the website.