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Nurse Assistant & Home Health Aide


Beginning with the fall 2019 class, students must complete AH 110 (Medical Language for Health-Care Providers) with a grade of "C" or better prior to taking the Nurse Assistant course.

The application for the fall 2019 Nurse Assistant course will begin in April 2019, which means students applying will need to complete AH 110 during summer or fall 2018. Please see the schedule of classes for current offerings of AH 110.


The Fall 2018 application for the Nurse Assistant course is now available. Please see instructions below.

The application is a step-by-step process:

It is important to apply as soon as possible as there are limited seats in the course and it fills up quickly. Therefore, it is equally important to read ALL of the instructions to ensure you provide the proper documents when asked to do so.

Click here for the Nurse 100 application and instructions

Nurse 100 Schedule - Fall 2018

If you have specific questions, please email Professor Blaney at 


The Home Health Aid course will begin in April.

You must either be in the current Nurse Assistant course or already have an active C.N.A. certificate to attend this course.  Once you have applied, you will be instructed to provide medical examination and TB test documents (please do not do this before being instructed). In addition, those accepted will be instructed on how to obtain a criminal background check in the form of fingerprints. Again, please do not do this prior to being instructed.

You must be able to attend ALL days of the training to complete the mandated hours set forth by The California Department of Public Health. There can be no absences from the course schedule so you will want to look at the schedule carefully to ensure you can attend all days.

In addition to the tuition for this 2 unit course, you will be expected to purchase the following:

Textbook (available at the ARC Bookstore)
Scrubs, watch, and shoes (specific uniform requirements will be given)
Name badge
Malpractice Insurance (through the ARC Business Office)

If you have any questions, please email Professor Blaney at

For students who are interested in vocational training and who are not necessarily seeking a college degree, we offer two classes:

NURSE 100 - Nurse Assistant - Click here for course flier

NURSE 101 - Home Health Aide

The Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aide courses are designed for students who:

Click here to watch a video of the ARC Nurse Assistant & Home Health Aide programs!

Other Important Gainful Employment Information and Opportunities/Links:

Department of Labor Job Market for Certified Nurse Assistant, Job Titles in Healthcare

Department of Labor Job Market for Home Health Aide

California Department of Public Health


NOTE:  Certified Nurse Assistant Testing - American River College no longer does testing. Contact Info: Northern California Regional Testing Center, Mission College, 3000 Mission College Blvd., MS 19, Santa Clara, CA 95054 (408) 855-5203, 855-5216