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Nurse Assistant & Home Health Aide

NEW REQUIREMENT FOR NURSE 100: Beginning Fall 2019, Medical Terminology (Allied Health 110 at ARC) will be a prerequisite for Nurse 100. All students must submit a transcript showing a medical terminology course with a grade of C or better with the Nurse 100 application. Students with a medical terminology course outside the Los Rios District will need to have the course evaluated by an ARC counselor - call 916-484-8572 for an appointment.

The Fall 2019 Nurse 100 application will be available in late March - check back here for details!

Home Health Aide

In the State of California, there are two types of home health care agencies. The first one is a non-medical model in which there are no orders from a doctor or a licensed nurse supervising the care. This caregiver does not need a certificate or credentials to work for an agency.

The second type is a medical-model. In this case, there is a physician ordering care, therapists providing rehabilitation needs, and licensed nurses overseeing the home health care aide. To work in this type of home health, you must complete an accredited course and obtain a Home Health Aide certificate issued by the State of California. 

ARC offers an accredited Home Health Aide course for students that have completed a Certified Nurse Assistant course, or students that are already a CNA.  Students enrolled in the Home Health Aide course while in the CNA course do not need to repeat the physical exam, TB test, flu shot or fingerprinting. Students that enroll after the CNA course will repeat all health requirements and fingerprinting to qualify for enrollment.


Students must fill out the Dual Enrollment Application and complete all the requirements for the CNA course. The last 8 days of the course are Home Health Aide.

If you have specific questions, please email Professor Blaney at 

Click here to watch a video of the ARC Nurse Assistant & Home Health Aide programs!

For students who are interested in vocational training and who are not necessarily seeking a college degree, we offer two classes:

NURSE 100 - Nurse Assistant

NURSE 101 - Home Health Aide

The Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aide courses are designed for students who:

Other Important Gainful Employment Information and Opportunities/Links:

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NOTE:  Certified Nurse Assistant Testing - American River College no longer does testing. Contact Info: Northern California Regional Testing Center, Mission College, 3000 Mission College Blvd., MS 19, Santa Clara, CA 95054 (408) 855-5203, 855-5216