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Healthcare Interpreting

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The first step to enrolling in the Healthcare Interpreting Program is to take HCI 300. See the schedule of classes for dates and times. This is a required course for the Healthcare Interpreting Program.

If you have already taken HCI 300 and need to submit an application, click here. Fill out the application and submit to

Program Details

If you are bilingual and are able to speak, read, and write English, you may be qualified for the certificate program in Healthcare Interpreting. The Healthcare Interpreting Certificate Program is designed to prepare bilingual individuals for effective language interpretation and cultural brokering in the healthcare setting.

The program emphasizes roles and responsibilities of the healthcare interpreter; the development of cultural competence in the community and workplace; insight into language and cultural nuances for specific communities; standards and legal requirements for culturally and linguistically appropriate services; ethical decision-making, advocacy and power dynamics in healthcare settings; and career preparation to become an integral member of the healthcare team.

Coursework covers modes and models of interpretation; development of the technical aspects of interpretation; techniques for facilitating and managing the flow of communication; medical terminology and related vocabulary development in language of service; and common medical conditions and associated treatments/procedures in both basic and specialized healthcare service areas. Language coaches are provided to facilitate skills acquisition and preceptor fieldwork experience are required.


Healthcare Interpreting Certificate Requirements (22.5-28.5 Units)

Units Course
Pre-HCI Semester
0.5 HCI 300 Introduction to Healthcare Interpreting (Mandatory)
Corequisites - must be completed before the student enters HCI 330. Students are encouraged to complete the corequisites prior to the 1st semester.
3.0 AH 110     Medical Language for Healthcare Providers
3.0 BIOL 102  Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology or equivalent*
* Click here for Biology course options
1st Semester
3.0 HCI 310 Healthcare Interpreting I
3.0 HCI 320 Healthcare Interpreting II
3.0 HCI 330 Healthcare Interpreting III
2nd Semester
3.0 HCI 340 Healthcare Interpreting IV
3.0 HCI 350 Healthcare Interpreting Fieldwork