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Doug Herndon

Admin. Asst.:

Shane Lipscomb



Katia Skryagina


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Mon.-Fri. 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Office Location:

Davies Hall, third floor, Room 329

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Welcome to the ARC English Area.

We offer a broad study of the fields of written and spoken language. The English division of the college includes courses in composition and technical/professional writing (ENGWR), literature (ENGLT), reading (ENGRD), creative writing (ENGCW), and education (ENGED), the descriptors in parentheses being the prefixes used in listing these courses in our catalog and schedule.

In addition to our self-contained, "regular-classroom" classes, we also offer day and evening writing classes conducted entirely in our two computer classrooms. Furthermore, we have four very effective support programs: Reading Center, Writing Center, RAD (Reading Across the Disciplines), and WAC (Writing Across the Curriculum). All four programs are housed in our, 18,000 square-foot Learning Resources Center, located next door to Davies Hall, which houses our core English programs.

The English Area consists of two formally designated departments: English and Reading. The English Department includes 29 fulltime faculty and 63 adjunct faculty; Reading includes 11 full timers and 6 adjuncts. In addition to the courses we offer on our main campus, students may also take English at our outreach centers: Natomas/Inderkum and McClellan.