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Salary Surfer

Dept. Chair:

Rachna Nagi-Condos


Business & Computer Science


Kirsten Corbin


(916) 484-8361

Marketing Degree

The Marketing degree provides an opportunity for students to acquire knowledge and training for careers in sales, advertising, and marketing. The competency-based curriculum is designed to prepare students for a variety of positions and to provide basic training for advancement to management positions and for transfer to four-year universities.

Wage Data

The California Salary Surfer program uses the aggregated earnings of graduates from a five-year period to provide an estimate on the potential wages to be earned two years and five years after receiving a certificate or degree in certain disciplines.

Program Type of Award Median Salary:
Two years before
Median Salary:
Two years after
Median Salary:
Five years after
Marketing Degree $30,063 $33,590 $38,709
Marketing Certificate $11,995 $27,302 $33,800