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How to Obtain a Certificate from American River College - Fall 2017

How to Obtain Your Degree at American River College - Fall 2017

Accounting Degreegraduate

A.A. - Accounting

The Accounting degree focuses on preparation for careers in various accounting professions. The program develops a common foundation in accounting and business, and provides various courses covering both fundamental and specialized accounting topics to meet individual career goals.

Note: For transfer students to the California State University system we recommend the A.S. for Transfer (AS-T) Degree in Business Administration.

Accounting Certificates

Accounting Certificate

The Accounting certificate provides occupational training and preparation for entry level clerical and technical positions in various accounting careers. The program provides a strong background in fundamental accounting concepts and typical accounting computer applications. In addition, the program provides various specialized accounting topics to meet career individual goals.

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Accounting Clerk Certificate

The Accounting Clerk certificate provides fundamental occupational training and preparation for entry level accounting clerk positions. The program includes basic accounting and specialized courses designed for the accounting workplace, including small business accounting, technology, and basic business principles.

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Payroll Practitioner Certificate

This certificate meets the modern needs of employers for employees with specialized skills needed in a payroll department. It is designed to prepare students to pass the exams to become certified as either a Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) or Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC), both of which are administered and awarded by the American Payroll Association. Additional coursework in the certificate provides students with appropriate skills in accounting, accounting technologies, business, communication skills, and workplace behavior

Taxation Specialist I

This certificate provides occupational training and education in small business accounting, computerized accounting and spreadsheet applications used in small business accounting, and basic federal payroll tax administration. It also includes federal and California individual income tax law, regulations, and tax return preparation.

Taxation Specialist II

This certificate is intended for students who have completed the Tax Specialist I Certificate and need to obtain a higher level of competency in the field. It builds on the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the Tax Specialist I certificate by adding courses in corporate financial accounting, taxation of partnerships, corporations, estates, and trusts, payroll accounting, property taxation in California, and assisting individual taxpayers in the preparation of more complex federal and California income tax returns, as well as reviewing the income tax returns completed by other tax preparers.

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