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Accounting Faculty


Accounting Full-Time Faculty:

Professor E-Mail Office Phone Website
Diane Ardans
HH 153 484-8520 Professor Ardan's Web Page
Joel Halle
HH 151 484-8641 Professor Halle's Web Page
Meg Pollard
HH 154 484-8965 Professor Pollard's Web Page
Robin Reilly
HH 155
484-8067 Professor Reilly's Web Page
Lingling Zhang
HH 156
484-8064 -Professor Zhang's Web Page


Accounting Adjunct Faculty:

Adjunct Professor E-Mail Voice Mail Website
Lois Campbell
286-3691 x12519
Professor Campbell's Web Page
Barry Frazier
286-3691 x12522
Professor Frazier's Web Page
Michael Lee
286-3691 x12562
Marion (Ed) McGinnis
286-3691 x12213
Steve McKee
286-3691 x12409
Kristina Pehur
Robert Pippig
286-3691 x12410

Stephanie Rowe 286-3691 x12408
Vasseliki Vervilos
286-3691 x12316