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Business Programs

Our business degrees, certificates, and courses are designed to provide an entrance into exciting careers, opening doors to immediate employment and/or career advancement. We offer a variety of degrees and certificates to meet students' present and future needs.

Career Opportunities

Depending on the course of study, our programs provide the skills for career opportunities as an: Account executive, analyst, bank employee, buyer, clerk, data-entry clerk, data-entry specialist, entrepreneur, financial planner, government service, insurance representative, technical writer, investment counselor, manager, market research, office assistant, public administration, purchasing agent, retail/industrial sales, stockbroker along with many others.

Wage Data

The California Salary Surfer program uses the aggregated earnings of graduates from a five-year period to provide an estimate on the potential wages to be earned two years and five years after receiving a certificate or degree in certain disciplines.

Program Type of Award

Median Annual Salary:
two years before

Median Annual Salary:
two years after
Median Annual Salary:
five years after
Business Administration Degree $25,534 $37,198 $44,499
Business Administration Certificate $29,026 $37,303 $45,541
Business, General Degree $30,201 $36,351 $42,322
Business, General Certificate $31,724 $39,039 $42,726
Small Business & Entrepreneurship Degree $33,368 $34,348 $38,002
Small Business & Entrepreneurship Certificate $34,545 $40,570 $44,000