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The Associate in Arts in Sociology for Transfer provides a path to students who wish to transfer to a CSU campus in Sociology and serves the diverse needs of students who wish to obtain a broad and in-depth understanding of the field. Additionally, this degree allows students to learn the fundamental principles and practices of Sociology in order to create a solid foundation for their future personal and academic endeavors. 

Dept. Chair:

Pam Chao


Behavioral & Social Sciences


Carlos Reyes


(916) 484-8283

Sociology is the study of human behavior in society focusing on the study of systems, and how individuals live, work, and interact within them.

For a complete list of available sections and meeting times, please check our open class list through counseling at: 

ARC's sociology courses are typically both UC and CSU transferable. For information about a specific class, please see the "courses" link to the left, our current catalog, or contact counseling at 916-484-8572.

Open sections for fall include:

SOC 300: Introductory Sociology Mornings: 12432 (meeting MW at 9:00am); 10136 (meeting F at 9:00am); 19048 (meeting Th at 10:30am & online) Afternoons: 10477 (meeting TTh at 1:30pm); 12790 (meeting MW at 12:00pm, 1st 8 week class) Evenings: 12433 (meeting Th at 6:00pm) 

SOC 301: Social Problems Mornings: 12788 (meeting MW at 10:30am); 11751 (meeting TTh at 10:30am)  

SOC 309: Self and Society Mornings: 12206 (meeting MW at 9:00am)  

SOC 320: Minorities in America Mornings: 10015 (meeting TTh at 9:00am) Afternoons: 10952 (meeting TTh at 12:00pm); 11609 (meeting MW at 12:00pm, 2nd 8 week class) 

SOC 335: Sociology of Aging Mornings: 12962 (meeting TTh at 10:30am) Online: 10138; 11264  

SOC 342: Gender Relations in American Society Afternoons: 10137 (meeting MW at 12:00pm)  

SOC 350: Sociology of Popular Culture Afternoons: 11386 (meeting TTh at 12:00pm)