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ARC'S Legal Assisting Program

Mission Statement - ARC's legal assisting program is approved by the American Bar Association

American River College's Legal Assistant Program prepares students for an entry-level position as a legal assistant. A legal assistant has basic substantive and procedural knowledge necessary to assist the supervising attorney in providing legal services to clients.

The Associate of Arts degree in Legal Assisting prepares students for entry-level employment as a professional legal assistant.  The A.A. degree requires courses which must be taken from the ABA Breadth Requirements; these courses can also be used to meet the ARC General Education requirements where applicable.  An ARC counselor must be consulted regarding specific courses to be taken.

The Certificate provides profession specific knowledge and skills for those who already possess an Associate Degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution.

The program may also provide those already working in a legal setting the opportunity for career advancement. Legal assistants do not give legal advice.

ARC's highly-regarded program is in full compliance with the California Business & Professions Code sections 6450-6456 which define legal assistant and set minimum required educational preparation. Working legal professionals, paralegals, attorneys, and judges, form the faculty. In addition, students also have the opportunity for supervised work experience in law firms or public agencies. This experience is available to legal assisting students who have completed the prerequisites and meet ARC requirements.

The AA degree in Legal Assisting is fully transferable to any of the CSU campuses. Students transfer with the status of Junior, enabling registration in upper division course work for their major. With proper selection of General Education courses while here at ARC the number of lower division General Education courses needed for a Bachelor's degree can be minimized.  An ARC counselor must be consulted regarding appropriate selection of General Education courses for transfer to the intended four year institution.

You are encouraged to speak with an ARC counselor to determine how the legal assisting program can help you advance or make a career change. This is particularly true if you have experience in a law practice setting or already possess a degree.

For specific information about our program, including a suggested sequence of classes, please go to the Sequencing of Courses webpage.