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David Abbott
Judge, Sacramento Superior Court
Instructor: Torts, Contracts

Julia Brynelson
Attorney, private practice
Instructor: Civil Litigation, Administrative Law
Monica Gable
Senior Legal Analyst, California State Dept of Justice
Instructor: Legal Research, Legal Writing

Shareen Golbahar
Attorney, private practice
Instructor: Estates and Probate

Stephen Goldberg
Attorney, Northern CA Lawyers for Civil Justice
Instructor: Landlord/Tenant Law

Stephen Johanson
Attorney, private practice
Instructor: Corporations, Civil Litigation

Lorraine Pavlovich
Attorney, private practice, retired
Instructor: Legal Research, Legal Writing, Civil Litigation

Stephen Smith
Attorney, Administrative Hearing Officer, State of California
Instructor: Evidence, Criminal Law

Karen Sandoval
Director of Forensic Accounting Ueltzen + Co.
Instructor: Advanced Legal Research

Lisa Smith
Instructor: Worker's Comp

Ken Sanders
Owner: Leading Edge Consulting: Bankruptcy Consultant
Instructor: Bankruptcy

Asha Wilkerson, Esq.
Instructor and Dept Chair