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Human Services

Internship Orientation in Human Services/Chemical Dependency:

Thursday, November 9th from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Location: Davies Hall 103

All students must bring s copy of your unofficial transcripts to show course completion in the field.

Dept. Chair:

Geraldine Machado


Behavioral & Social Sciences


Carlos Reyes


(916) 484-8849

The program in Human Services centers around the broad array of entry level skills and abilities effectively used in social service delivery systems. Coursework includes the twelve helper core function applications in client screening, intake, assessment, orientation, counseling, consultation, client's rights, confidentiality, crisis intervention, client education, professional ethics, and reports and record keeping.

Human Services courses at ARC are typically CSU transferable. For more information on specific classes, see our "courses" link to the left, our current catalog, or contact counseling at 916-484-8572.