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Soldiers of World War One


History Faculty 2016-2017

Dept. Chair:

Chris Padgett, Ph.D.


Behavioral & Social Sciences


Carlos Reyes


(916) 484-8283

"To forget the past is to forever remain a child."

The study of history equips the student with cultural literacy and promotes critical thinking and well-informed perspectives on today's world.


For a complete list of available sections and meeting times, please check our open class list through counseling at: 

ARC's history courses are typically both UC and CSU transferable. For information about a specific class, please see the "courses" link to the left, our current catalog, or contact counseling at 916-484-8572.

Open sections for fall include:

HIST 300: History of Western Civilization Mornings: 11180 (meeting MW at 9:00am); 12885 (meeting TTh at 9:00am) Afternoons: 12973 (meeting TTh at 12:00pm); 11067 (meeting MW at 1:30pm)  

HIST 302: History of Western Civilization Mornings: 10069 (meeting TTh at 10:30am) Evenings: 11383 (meeting TTh at 6:00pm)  

HIST 305: Women in Western Civilization Mornings: 10071 (meeting TTh at 10:30am)  

HIST 307: History of World Civilizations to 1500 Afternoons: 10473 (meeting TTh at 3:00pm) Evenings: 10072 (meeting T at 4:30pm & online)  

HIST 308: History of World Civilizations, 1500 to Present Mornings: 10073 (meeting MW at 9:00am); 12784 (meeting TTh at 9:00am); 19636 (meeting M at 10:30am & online) Afternoons: 10949 (meeting MW at 12:00pm); 11068 (meeting TTh at 1:30pm)  

HIST 310: History of the United States Afternoons: 10082 (meeting F at 1:00pm); 11835 (meeting TTh at 1:30pm); 10081 (meeting MW at 3:00pm); 13813 (meeting MW at 3:00pm & online, 2nd 8 week class) Evenings: 13214 (meeting TTh at 5:30pm)  

HIST 311: History of the United States Mornings: 10086 (meeting TTh at 7:30am); 10087 (meeting TTh at 9:00am); 10088 (meeting TTh at 10:30am) Afternoons: 11914 (meeting TTh at 12:00pm); 10089 (meeting MW at 3:00pm)

HIST 321: History of the United States: African-American Emphasis Evenings: 19638 (meetings TTh at 5:30pm)  

HIST 330: Women in American History Afternoons: 10077 (meeting TTh at 12:00pm); 11182 (meeting MW at 3:00pm); 10545 (meeting TTh at 3:00pm) Evenings: 12423 (meeting W at 5:30pm)  

HIST 341: History of California: 1879 to Present Mornings: 11069 (meeting TTh at 10:30am)  

HIST 364: Asian Civilization Afternoons: 10474 (meet TTh at 12:00pm)  

HIST 374: History of Latin America to 1830 Mornings: 13216 (meeting TTh at 10:30am)  

HIST 481: History of Western Civilization - Honors Mornings: 19810 (meeting MW at 10:30am)  

HIST 483: History of the United States - Honors Afternoons: 10084 (meeting MW at 1:30pm)