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News: ARC now offers a 2-year Associate's Degree for Transfer in Economics.


Dept. Chair:

Chiuping Chen


Behavioral & Social Sciences


Carlos Reyes


(916) 484-8283

Economics is the study of how individuals and societies choose to use limited resources for production of goods and services and how they distribute them for current and future consumption. Economics is divided into two major areas: macroeconomics and microeconomics. Macroeconomics studies decision-making at the national level. Macroeconomics topics include gross domestic product, unemployment, inflation, and money and banking. Microeconomics studies decision-making at the individual household, business firm, and industry levels. Microeconomics topics include theories of the firm and consumer behaviors.

Courses offered by the Economics Department are designed to satisfy general education requirements at American River College, and they are transferable to the CSU system, the UC system, and other fine institutions of higher learning in the United States. Furthermore, these economics courses will provide students with essential tools to analyze contemporary national and international economic issues.

Both Micro and Macroeconomics at ARC are UC and CSU transferable. For more information, see our current catalog or contact counseling.

For a complete list of courses, please see the search pages on the ARC website: