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Carlos Reyes Bio


Originally from Miami, I received a BA in English and History from the Honors College at Florida International University. While at FIU, I participated in a study abroad program in Eastern Europe and a year of student exchange in South Carolina. With my undergraduate degree in hand, I moved to Pennsylvania to snowboard and complete a Master's degree in Comparative Literature, spending a summer as a fellow at the Institute on Migration and Exile, a program of Harvard, Boston, and Brown Universities.  

After completing my Master's degree, I moved to Japan, where I helped found a private English Language school before moving back to Miami. Accepting positions with Keiser University's Miami Campus, the Kendall Campus of Miami Dade College, and the Universidad San Francisco-Florida, where I taught courses in Spanish American and World Literature. Most recently, I was associate dean of academics and online liaison at Keiser University's Miami campus, and am completing a doctoral program in Higher Education leadership at the University of Miami, with a concentration in Student Development and a Certificate in Enrollment Management.

I look forward to working with my team mates at ARC to help students achieve their full potential and reach their personal and professional goals.

Carlos lives in a menagerie nearby with his wife (who is making me write that her dps is higher), two dogs, compost worms, three snakes, a tortoise, a garden growing inch by inch, and rotating guests. And maybe some form of bird--the discussion is still ongoing.


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