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Behavioral & Social Sciences Programs of Study

Anthropology (General Education/Transfer)
Physical and cultural anthropology, including introductory courses, archeology and world prehistory, cultures, and current issues in anthropology.

Economics (General Education/Transfer)
Principles of economics and concepts in personal finance.

The gerontology program provides specialized training for employment in business and agencies that provide services for the elderly, and/or preparation for upper division work in gerontology. All students must complete a 30-unit gerontology core and a nine-unit option in the A.A. degree or certificate program. There are six options, from which a student must select one: Business, Care Management/Social Services, Environmental Design, Health Care, Recreation, and Social Policy/Advocacy.

History (General Education/Transfer)
History of Western civilization, women in Western civilization, history of Mexico, world history, history of the United States, African-American history, intellectual American history, history of the Mexican American, women in American history, Asian civilization, history of California, and history of Russia.

Human Services
The human services program provides preparation for employment as a paraprofessional aide with agencies such as correctional institutions, parole, probation, welfare, rehabilitation, mental health, schools, and child care centers. A special option is Chemical Dependency Studies, which provides preparation for paraprofessional work with public or private agencies dealing with problems of chemical dependency.

International Studies
The International Studies degree provides comprehensive core course requirements as well as specific and concrete areas of emphasis within an articulated interdisciplinary approach to the understanding of socio-economic, political, and cultural issues in the global context. This program provides students with a strong academic background to understand the relationship between local and global issues and the complexities of an interdependent world. The coursework requirements, the seven areas of emphasis, and foreign language requirements give students a solid focus and basis for transfer to a variety of four-year institutions. In addition, the interdisciplinary nature of this degree, provides the opportunity to take a wide range of courses in diverse fields of study. Career Opportunities: The AA degree in International Studies provide career opportunities with local, state, and federal agencies as well as the private sector. Concentration areas provide students with diverse knowledge and skills that prepare them to work in a variety of fields including government, art and media, commerce and trade, marketing, and environmental and urban planning.

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Legal Assisting
Preparation for a career in legal assisting or improving skills of legal clerks, secretaries, and other legal personnel. Includes introduction to theory of law, the litigation process, and the law library. The legal assistant aids in preparing pleadings and other documents, obtains information for client interview, maintains complex calendaring systems, and manages the law office.

Political Science (General Education/Transfer)
Introduction to U.S. government, foreign government, and California government; Constitutional rights, international relations, political ideologies, and law and society.

Psychology (General Education/Transfer)
An Associate of Art (AA) degree is offered, including university-level transfer courses and other graduation requirements. Courses include general principles, biological and social psychology, research methods, introductory statistics, contemporary issues, biological psychology lab, psychology of death and dying, work and human behavior, abnormal behavior, human development, marriage & family, human sexuality, and psychology of aging.

Social Science
A degree major is offered, including 18 units of university transfer-level work in addition to other graduation requirements. In addition there is an International Studies Certificate option, designed to benefit students who plan to seek careers or transfer with an international focus. The required courses will transfer as electives or lower division prerequisite for selected majors at the university level.

Sociology (General Education/Transfer)
Introductory sociology, social problems, minorities in America, Chicano culture, introduction to corrections, women in American society, and sociology of aging.